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Save Trees: Recycle Your Moving Boxes

How many cardboard moving boxes will you use the next time you move? If your response is “a lot,” “dozens” or “so many I can’t count,” you need to see this infographic. Our research team crunched some numbers and discovered not only how many boxes you’re likely to use, but how many the entire population of 42 million Americans moving this year will use in 2012 alone.

We examined the lifecycle of a moving box and found out how many trees, gallons of oil, kilowatts of energy, gallons of water, gallons air pollution and cubic yards of landfill that you, yes you, my friend, can save if you recycled all the moving boxes you use throughout your lifespan. If you’re like most people, you’ll move about 11 times from your first move as a child with your family through your final move during retirement.

Finally, we conclude with recycling tips and tricks so that you can be both informed and empowered to reduce your environmental impact the next time you move.

Brought to you by mymove.com.

Brought to you by mymove.com

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