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The Essentials of Rock Climbing

Every passionate climber knows how important it is to be well equipped regarding knowledge before stepping on a rock with the purpose of climbing it. If you are a rookie, you should know that without knowing the foundation principles you are more prone to damage and injuries rather than fun and enjoyment.

If you are climbing with intention of adding up strength in your endurance ability or just to kill time with your friends. If this challenging activity is just an enjoyment for you as a part of your child’s playground or you are a crazy lover and like to climb solo, you have to take safety measures.Furthermore to ensure safety, you need to properly study about the equipment because you cannot use an ordinary climbing shoe for tougher tasks like ice mountain climbing. So to make your experience worth it, it is very crucial to take in consideration your well-being and protection as well. An educated climber is the most successful and prosperous one.

This infographic from will walk you through the rock climbing essentials.

The Essentials of Rock Climbing

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