Every Pin That is Awarded to Emergency Personnel

In the past, you may have wondered what all of those colorful bars are that are pinned to the uniforms of different emergency services personnel. All of these medals and citation bars are representative of the outstanding and impressive achievements of those like firefighters, police officers, or EMS members who proudly sport them on their uniforms. From the team at Wizard Pins comes this new infographic that serves as the ultimate guide to pins awarded to emergency services personnel.

The highest medal of honor that can be awarded to emergency services personnel is the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor. It’s an award that is given out on the annual basis by the President of the United States, and has been a yearly tradition dating all the way back to 2001. This infographic shows off some great visuals to show you what all of these different pins and such that are awarded to these different people, including police. On the infographic, you get a good glimpse into the different ranks of police, as well as what these different badges look like for roles such as police detective, police officer, police corporal, police sergeant, police captain, and more.

There are also a bunch of different badges and medals and more shown for our heroic firefighters, whether it be for a captain, lieutenant, battalion chief, or assistant chief, among many other roles. One of the most interesting medals of honor that’s presented on this infographic would be the Medal of Gallantry, which is a prestigious award that is presented to EMS personnel or firefighters who were a key part in saving and rescuing individuals from injury or death, while putting themselves at a very high level of risk. Of all of the different awards, badges and medals that are outlined on this infographic, which do you feel would be the most impressive to receive?

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