Every Style of Women’s Bathing Suits in One Chart

We all deserve to feel comfortable, confident, and secure when wearing a swimsuit and enjoying some fun in the sun. This infographic is the ultimate guide to every style of swimsuit, from one-pieces to two-pieces and everything in between. Popular one-piece bathing suit styles on this list include strapless, lace-up, cutout, blouson, bandeau, and swim dress. Swim dresses are considered flattering for curvier bodies because they cinch in problem areas and emphasize curves. Blouson swimsuits tend to be more loose-fitting, like a breezy tank top. They are often banded at the bottom which causes the material to flow away from the body. This makes them wonderful for every body type, especially if you want to hide the tummy area. Lace-up swimsuits feature a lacing element either in the front or the back. This adds a touch of allure while being flattering for all body types. This guide also explores different styles of bikini tops and bottoms. The scoop bikini top style has a deep, wide neckline that resembles a spoon edge. Scoop tops are universally flattering! Triangle bikini tops have triangle-shaped cups and are considered one of the best options for a smaller bust. Underwire bikini tops have a built-in underwire for lift and support and may be padded for extra oomph. This makes them work well for busts of all shapes and sizes. Balconette bikini tops create a “balcony” for the chest, which creates an appealing lift. High-waisted bikini bottoms extend over the navel, making them flattering for curvier bodies as they provide support and create an hourglass shape. High-cut bikini bottoms sit at the natural waist over the tips. This style is designed to create the appearance of elongated legs, which adds an overall slimming effect. With this guide, you are sure to find a swimsuit style that appeals to you while inspiring confidence!

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