Explore 50 Revealing Facts About Remote Work

We all know that COVID-19 changed the way we work and live our lives. It ushered in an era of remote work that has shifted what workers consider to be the most important aspects of a desirable job. Now, a few years later, employers question whether remote work is the best solution. The US Career Institute examined many surveys at remote work to come up with 50 revealing facts about the state of remote work today. Their infographics show us that workers are largely in favor of remote work.

First of all, workers save almost an hour a day on their commute. This saves them valuable time while doing the important work of cutting dangerous emissions. Less commutes are good for the planet! Workers agree that the lack of commute is the best benefit of working from home. Not only are they saving valuable time and helping the planet, but they’re spending less on gas and public transportation. Along with this benefit, workers also like the flexibility of their schedule at home, the availability of quiet time, and more focused work time with fewer meetings. With remote work, everyone has the ability to work in the way that serves them best.

It seems that remote work has great benefits for physical health too. Workers said that the best health benefit of working from home was decreased stress and less burnout. This makes a lot of sense, but other benefits contribute to this overall feeling of wellness. Workers can make healthier meal and snack choices at home, and they are able to re-locate to a more desirable place. Many choose to move closer to family and friends.

Perhaps the most surprising statistic is how important remote work is to workers. 63% of workers rated remote work as the most important aspect of a prospective job. They even rated remote availability over the salary!

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