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Financial Planning: How to Plan for the Life You Want

Financial planning is stressful no matter what your economic situation is. People find money matters to be inherently stressful, and two in three Americans say they aren’t confident in their finances. 45% say their relationship with money is stressful and 33% say it is worrisome. But when you have a financial plan you are twice as likely to make progress toward your financial goals. Even the simplest steps can help you make progress toward your goals.

Two in five people have never had a budget, but budgets make 62% of people who follow them feel in control, 55% feel confident, and 52% secure. Setting financial goals and then seeing yourself achieving them can actually give you peace of mind and help you feel more in control of your life, which can lead to a happier life in the long run. Set your goals and then work to become more money savvy, saving more money, paying off debt, and living your best life. Then learn how to put your financial situation to work for you so you can live a better life.

Money can’t buy happiness, but reducing your stress about it can give you a better life. Learn more about financial planning from the infographic below!

Financial Planning: How to Plan for the Life You Want

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