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Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies?

Bananas may have more nutrients but they fill you up and give you the same sugar crash as a cookie. 

Some foods fill you up and others leave you feeling hungry.  There’s a science to that: it’s called satiety.

Three easy swaps to help you feel full throughout the day:

  • Replace breakfast cereal with all-bran for a 30% improvement
  • Replace bananas with oranges for a 71% improvement
  • Replace potato chips with popcorn for a 69% improvement

Brought to you by massivehealth.com.

Brought to you by massivehealth.com

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  1. Very interesting. I am glad I read this infographic.

  2. I love these infograhics, well illustrated and with such detail

  3. Now this is an interesting for sure. I wonder, if the over-ripe ones are worse than the less ripe because they are sweeter?

  4. This is fascinating. I had no idea that was actually true! Nicely designed graphic, easy to comprehend as well as informative.

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