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Infographic: The 5 Second Food Rule Really* Works

You’re about to tuck into your takeaway when a spring roll falls onto the floor. “Oh no!” you cry, “I only have 5 seconds to pick it up before it’s germ-ified!”. Yes, it’s the infamous 5 second rule, the rule we loved as children and many of us still sneakily use as adults to avoid the social shaming of eating food off the floor. But how safe is it really? Let us take you through the timeline of how the 5 second food rule really* works. (*may not be true)

Brought to you by just-eat.co.uk.

Brought to you by just-eat.co.uk


  1. Jeannette Laframboise

    It might be okay but for me it is about what I drop..some things are more apt to pick up dirt and hair etc than other food items…yuck.

  2. If the floor is clean maybe- and it was in my own home and provided the dog didnt eat it first, I know it happens!

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