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How To Make Coffee With An AeroPress

AeroPress is an interesting coffee maker, which got a lot of attention lately. If you ask us, it does deserve all the attention, despite its weird look. Yes, people have referred to it as a big syringe, and many don’t like the plastic construction. All that negative attention aside, AeroPress is a great way to make a strong, delicious coffee that resembles espresso. In fact many people use it instead of an espresso machine for their caffeinated concoctions, be it a simple coffee shot, or an elevated cappuccino.

The good folks at Coffee Brewing Methods have put together an infographic that shows how to make coffee with an AeroPress. It’s the simplest recipe, in an uncomplicated visual format. Sure, the baristas who created the guide pretend that there is a lot more to brewing a perfect joe with the “syringe”, and they have a complete guide on their website. For us, the average home baristas, this simple graphic is more than enough.

How To Make Coffee With An AeroPress

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