The Future of Health Insurance

Since the 1940s, your access to health insurance has been tied to who you work for or who you are married to. Unless you were independently wealthy it just wasn’t possible to get affordable healthcare. The Affordable Care Act helped more people gain access to affordable health insurance, but as the protections and rules established in that legislation are being eroded it is once again becoming difficult to gain access to affordable health insurance that  actually covers the things you need covered. As the 40 hour workweek disappears and people rely more on the gig economy for income, health insurance is going to need to change with the times.

Millennials and Gen Z are more focused on work/life balance than previous generations, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working as much or that they are lazy. Because of the difficulties in the job market the younger generations are stuck with a reluctant freelance lifestyle with no access to workplace benefits or protections. In fact, 84% have experienced burnout from overwork. As these younger generations struggle to make ends meet, health insurance will need to change to meet the demands of the new job market.

What are Millennials and Gen Zers looking for in health insurance and healthcare? Learn more from the infographic below!

The Future of Health Insurance

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