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AI in Video Games: How AI technology Enhances Gameplay

In collaboration with Pinklion.AI, who brings AI to software developers, we’ve been able to pinpoint the mobile gaming economy’s primary fueler: the development of ‘thinking’ computer systems. Although our realization is new, game developers’ use of artificial intelligence is not. In a variety of ways, AI technology enhances gameplay, and has been doing so since Pathfinding software was used in Pac-Man.

As consumers feed millions to the mobile economy, gaming proves to be a direct driver for AI innovation – and gameplay is growing far more technical. For example, developers who are building self-driving cars are training their AI systems by playing Grand Theft Auto. OpenAI’s Universe Program is a popular tool used by the developers doing so.

However, these aren’t the only ways AI can improve the gaming experience. By testing AI, developers are able to unlock a new perspective to their science. AI Testing can also shorten the time needed to develop and release new video games, which is crucial since consumer spending on mobile games will reach $90 billion by 2021.

At large, mobile games increase their audience reach by 10% every year. Immersifying the user experience through learning software seems to be the key. Below, our infographic provides more context regarding how AI ehances gameplay.

Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

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