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GDPR for Dummies

We have designed an infographic ‘GDPR for Dummies‘ that explains the basics of the General Data Protection Regulation using intuitive illustrations and simple language.

What is General Data Protection Regulation?
The EU law is a ground-breaking privacy law that regulates how companies collect, handle and protect personal data. Personal data is worth trillions of dollars – in the digital age, it’s like oil. Strict legalization ensures companies process it responsible.

Did you know that every business has to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation?
The law was passed by the European Union (EU) but applies to any company worldwide that targets EU users.

What exactly is considered personal data?
Personal data is any information shared online that can be used to identify an individual. It’s like a jigsaw – when the pieces are put together, they reveal a vivid picture of a person’s life.

Read all about the GDPR and how to comply with it in this great explanation infographic.

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GDPR for dummies

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