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Government Spending: Public-to-Private the 2020 Budget

The enormous 2020 Federal Budget will provide huge sums of money to the private sector. This public to private spending streams down to every sector of the US economy. The spending is so massive it is much simpler to understand visually.

The United States Congress has power over the checkbook and they spend taxpayer dollars on private programs, industries, and research. Unfortunately, some Federal funds end up being lost due to fraud, waste and abuse. Defrauding the government occurs most frequently in these 10 high-risk sectors. Healthcare being the largest at $1.3 Trillion. This fraud and abuse of public funds costs the US Taxpayers billions of dollars. Whistleblowers help Federal agencies prevent and prosecute these fraudsters whenever possible. They receive protection from retaliation and rewards in successful cases.

This infographic on Government Spending helps us visualize where government funding goes making it easier to comprehend the massive budget.


Government Spending: Public-to-Private

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