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Halt Climate Change By Switching to a Bug-Based Diet? (Infographic)

In this climate change infographic, you can see how a bug based diet can reverse the effects of climate change.

Climate change is one of the most important issues we need to tackle today. It’s our joint responsibility and it’s something we should all take seriously. However, there’s not much we can do on a day-to-day basis to combat climate change. With one exception, a bug based diet!

The one area we can make a huge difference is in what we eat. You probably already know that animal agriculture is unsustainable. Leading to a huge rise in the number of vegans and vegetarians. But is there a solution? This climate change infographic explains how eating insects can take the world by storm and reverse the effects of climate change?

This research was compiled by two expert Kolabtree freelancers

Ron Culvera is a medical student and a graduate of B.S. Biology. To sustain his studies, he works as a biomedical writer for clinical research into cancer. Reverse vaccinology and cardiology studies and biology research into sustainable communities. Nutrition biochemistry and single-nucleotide polymorphisms. He also works as an infographics designer for scientific presentations to be exhibited in clinical case conferences and scientific symposiums.

Brent Nawrocki is an ecological researcher with interests pertaining to aquatic food webs, food chain length, predator dietary analysis and applied ecological research. He has a Master’s of Science Degree from the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research in Ontario, Canada.

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Could We Halt Climate Change By Switching to a Bug-Based Diet?

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