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Health & Wealth – The cost of a cared for nation

There’s nothing cheap about medical care expenses. In fact, there’s only one constant when it comes to the price of healthcare and medical treatment: it’s expensive. Now Just imagine picking up the tab for an entire nation. The price of Medical services are rising at a faster rate than any other service and far exceed the pace of inflation. The following graphic breaks down the most expensive medical procedures by cost and takes a closer look into the rising cost of healthcare in our country. Have you ever wondered which states pay the highest premiums or how much the average premium has gone up in recent years?

Take a look to learn more. Brought to you by carrington.edu.

Brought to you by carrington.edu

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  1. Interesting! I new the numbers for medicaid and uninsured where high but when you see it in comparison to the state man-WOW! I know I am nearing 50 in a few months but can you make the font bigger or each section where you can click it on and enlarge it?

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