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Infographic: The Secret To Growing Old Gracefully

People who live in the healthiest countries have long life expectancies and low infant mortality rates. The lifestyle characteristics in the countries with the healthiest citizens are not surprising. Try adopting some healthy living habits from the world’s healthiest countries. Many of the citizens in the healthiest countries consume fish and tofu rather than heavily processed meat and choose walking over any other forms of transportation.

Brought to you by Best Public Health Schools via medicalinsurance.org.

Infographic: The Secret To Growing Old Gracefully

Brought to you by Best Public Health Schools via medicalinsurance.org

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  1. Very informative…love this site

  2. I was surprised to learn that the people in Finland rarely eat meat! I had the impression that the Finns eat a lot of moose, reindeer and elk meat. Very interesting to know!
    Both my parents are 90 years-old and I believe the secret to their longevity is ginseng!

  3. Very informative! I think a natural diet is key!

  4. It’s interesting to know that less is more when it comes to food. We in the States have made eating
    a hobby and form of entertainment as opposed to using food to nourish and fortify the body!

  5. This is awesome!
    Does anybody know if there is a hi-Res version of it anywhere? I’d love to hang it in my office…

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