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Infographic: Will you receive a tax credit to help you purchase health insurance?

This infographic helps Americans determine whether they will be eligible for a health insurance premium subsidy under the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. The infographic accompanies a story by blogger Maggie Mahar, who explains not only how eligibility for health insurance tax credits is determined, but also how much recipients should expect to receive. The article also includes a chart with federal poverty level (FPL) numbers and links to a Kaiser Family Foundation premium subsidy calculator. The graphic was created by Mahar, HIO editor Steve Anderson, and designer Barb Etzkorn. It was posted on the Blog of the Health Insurance Resource Center, one of the longest running sources of consumer health insurance information on the Web.


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  1. I like the brevity of this infographic. it is easy to read and follow.

  2. This will get political really quickly & all i have to say is forced anything is wrong.

    • Well, part of being in a society is being “forced” to do things that benefit that society and, by extension, your self. Take, for example, being “forced” to buy car insurance. The argument goes that its not fair because some people can’t afford car insurance and therefore are being denied the ability to drive themselves around. However, the alternative is that people drive around without insurance and when they get into wrecks who pays for the damages? A driver hits you, or your property and who is stuck with the bill? You. Hardly seems fair. And if they get into an accident and are comatose who pays their medical bills? You (tax payers/society).
      The other example is you are “forced” to pay taxes. Certainly, you can’t opt out of taxes but for the simple reason: Taxes go towards things that benefit you. Maybe they don’t always directly benefit you, like paying to keep the fire house working, even though your house isn’t on fire, and may never be, but it is important none the less.
      In reference to this: While I don’t think this is the best solution to the problem of a socialized health care option, it is an important step. The alternative to this is one of two options: people recive things like emergency health care and the tax payer ends up paying anyway, but with this system the at least will give something back/the burden will be lessened. Or people die because they can’t afford care. And the second option is one that too many people seem to be supporting. If anything is “wrong” it sounds to me that dying because you can’t afford a blood transfusion just seems very wrong.

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