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Dangerous distractions: Half of male drivers eye off attractive women

A survey done by Allianz car insurance has found that over half of male drivers confess that good-looking women steal their attention away from what is happening on the road while they are driving.

The survey gives an insight into how easily distracted men are by the opposite sex when driving. Of the 1425 men and women who responded to the survey, 50.9% of men admitted they are distracted by a good-looking woman while driving. This staggering proportion of dangerously distracted men was in dramatic contrast to the 15.2% of women who confessed to taking a peek at handsome men.

It’s an alarming fact but not one that would immediately spring to mind when considering all the things that can break a driver’s concentration, such as mobile phones ringing, avoiding bus lanes and trying to drown out insufferable backseat drivers. To many people these would all seem to be probable causes for distraction, but the excuse of seeing a hot guy or girl almost seems comical.

This infographic addresses the distractions that can make driving a car a dangerous activity.

Brought to you by Allianz.

Brought to you by Allianz

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  1. This was interesting! and funny 🙂 Men! The difference in income was enlightening too.

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