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Most Disaster Prone States in the USA

Natural disasters are as old as the earth. Several factors like climatic changes, location, and seismic activities are the cause of natural disasters. Disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, flooding, and avalanches are more common in some countries than others because of the reasons mentioned above.

While Japan and Indonesia experience frequent earthquakes and tsunamis, arid regions of Africa experience drought and famine. In the case of geographically diverse countries like the US, the type of natural disaster and its severity varies.

Most Disaster Prone States in the USA

While some regions are experience frequent storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, others are more susceptible to earthquakes and flooding, snowstorms, and avalanches. However, some regions in the US experience frequent and severe natural disasters.

This informational piece aims to tell its readers about the ‘Most Disaster Prone States in the USA‘ and present the information in the form of an infographic.

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Most Disaster Prone States in the USA

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