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Infographic: What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea occurs when blood vessels appear just under the surface of the skin and begin to get inflamed. They develop into pimples and other skin irritations, including lesions, spider veins, and dry, flaky skin. In some cases, rosacea causes the afflicted area of skin to thicken, particularly around the nose. The most commonly prescribed treatments for rosacea involve skin creams and in general these unguents are all it takes to control a breakout. However, in more trenchant cases, other treatments such as intensive light therapy or even surgery may be used. Rosacea flare-ups can be brought on by a number of causes including stress, overexposure to sunlight and hot weather, the use of irritating skin care products, and even excessive alcohol consumption. There is nothing you can do to avoid developing the condition altogether, but if you are diagnosed with it, you can rest assured that there are a number of effective remedies available.

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Infographic: What Causes Rosacea?

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