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Infographic: Shocking Smoking Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

Do you smoke? Then you must have heard people telling you tons of times how smoking could be harmful to your health and how you should quit right now. We know you’ve tried, and we know it’s hard. But even you just smoke less at first, it could help increase your health. Instead of quitting outright, if you’re struggling try cutting down one cigarette at a time. Here are some shocking smoking facts to bear in mind next time you feel a cigarette craving coming on:

When you smoke less, the risk of you having a heart attack and requiring amputation is reduced, the chances of you losing your hearing ability or going blind is also reduced, you will even become more intelligent (yes, really!) and any small nicks, cuts and grazes (as well as bigger injuries) will heal themselves much quicker. In fact, you’ll be less likely to suffer from some injuries such as broken bones in the first place!

Did you know for example that smokers have an increased risk of scurvy? And I bet you thought that was eradicated centuries ago!

These magic effects are just some of the many, many benefits smoking less or quitting could offer. Do let us know if you’ve made it, we will be here applauding crazily for you!

Infographic via Doctor Fox.

Infographic: Shocking Smoking Facts You've Never Heard Before

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  1. my exboyfriend smoked. yuck! so bad for you!

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