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The Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is very bad for you. It shortens people’s lives and is responsible for a plethora of unpleasant diseases and health problems. Thanks to the addictive properties of cigarettes quitting is a very difficult process that millions of people around the world struggle with.

The health benefits of quitting smoking are countless, from being able to taste and appreciate food to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Everyone know these health benefits exist but do they know how quickly many improvements take effect.

From as little as 20 minutes after the last cigarette is smoked the body begins to repair and heal itself. After only 3 weeks the average person will be noticing big improvements in how they feel. These improvements continue for many years and this timeline shows what a smoker who successfully quits can expect to experience between 20 minutes and 20 years after stopping smoking.



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