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Home Security Systems Without Monitoring

Choose the best self-monitored home security system

People who want to be alerted in a case of unauthorized entry but don’t want to pay for professional monitoring and monthly fees can choose equally efficient self-monitored home security systems.

These systems can be completely or partially DIY. For example, since installing is relatively simple users can choose to do it personally or to pay extra for this service. If needed, monitoring and calling the police can be occasionally or optionally diverted to the professionals as well.

The market is flooded with various models of home alarm systems so how to choose the right one?

Most self-monitored systems use mobile applications for customization and communication with the system. The connection is maintained through wifi or an Ethernet cable. Any time the system loses the connection with the Internet, because of an outage or any other reason, the cellular backup will take over and the system will be able to continue with the surveillance. Having a cellular backup as an option would make the user experience comfortable and safe.

The most important parts of any home security system usually include:

  • Base station – this is the main or central part of the system, responsible for the connection between components and with the user. Most base stations have a built-in siren and backup batteries in case of a power outage.
  • Sensors – contact sensors for doors and windows will trigger the alarm if intruder brakes their circuit while motion sensors will detect any movement.
  • Keypads and control panels – their roll is to arm and disarm the system and enter access codes.

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Home Security Systems Without Monitoring

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