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How Alcohol Affects The Brain – Alcohol and Brain Cells

In 2020, alcohol consumption rose sharply in the U.S., with women increasing their heavy drinking episodes by 41%. Heavy drinking is defined as having more than 4 units on one day (or more than 14 units per week) for men and more than 3 units on one day (more than 7 units per week) for women. One unit equals 10 ml of pure alcohol.
Obviously, excessive drinking is the most harmful. AddictionResource authors say that one of the most important organs – the brain – suffers a lot. People with alcohol use disorder can face several consequences listed in the given infographic.

It’s a mistake to think that only heavy drinking affects the brain. Research shows that even moderate alcohol consumption contributes to a reduction in brain volume. In fact, moderate drinkers have a 3 times greater risk of brain shrinkage over 30 years.

And while it is not scientifically proven that alcohol kills brain cells, the evidence shows that it impairs their functioning. It is vivid even in the short term. Just look at the person who drank too much. Considering the results of multiple research, aiming for the lowest possible consumption could be an advisable approach.

How Alcohol Affects The Brain

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