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How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

The era of Covid-19 changed consumer habits around the world. One of the most notable changes came in the hospitality sector – the rise of outdoor dining. While al fresco dining has long been popular on balmy summer evenings, patrons are less eager to brave chillier temperatures in the winter months. With restriction on indoor dining across many countries throughout 2020 and 2021, the demand for outdoor heating and comfortable outdoor spaces exploded. In fact, Amazon’s sales of outdoor heaters increased by 70% in April 2020.

But not all outdoor heaters are created equal and while bar and restaurant owners scrambled to make their establishments cozy for their customers, some countries were taking note of the environmental impact of outdoor heaters. Most outdoor heaters fall into two different types – electric and gas. Gas outdoor heaters have been a point of contention among some governments due to concerns about CO2 emissions and energy wastage. Gas heaters are significantly less efficient than electric heaters. Gas heating relies on convectional heating and simply heats the air. The problem is, even a slight breeze can put all this energy to waste. Additionally, 40% of the heat from a gas heater goes straight up in the air!

While gas heaters may often have a more attractive price tag, their inefficiency makes them a poor choice, in the long run. Electric infrared outdoor heaters are a much greener, energy efficient option. This is because infrared heaters provide a direct heat transfer from the heater to solid objects (like our bodies). Because infrared heaters do not heat the surrounding air, they provide near instant heating which make them an attractive option for bar and restaurant owners looking to enhance the comfort of their outdoor spaces. The infographic below, brought to you by Kelray Heating, explains just how infrared heating technology works.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

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