How Eyeglasses Work And The Tech That Helps

Vision correction has been around for so long that most people don’t even think about the major technological advances that have taken place over the last several decades. After all, people have been correcting their vision with glasses for hundreds of years, going all the way back to the 13th century when scholarly monks invented them. It took until the 18th century for side arms to be added to glasses to keep them in place on a wearer’s face, and since then the advancements have been made at lightning speed.

In 1784 Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals. Then in the early 1900s polarized lenses were invented, followed by UV coatings. Today there are different frame sizes, anti-glare coatings, blue light protective coatings, impact resistant lenses, and much more.

There are even nano eye drops that replace contact lenses with smarter technology, particularly useful for places in the world where ophthalmology care isn’t readily available. In addition to all this, there are systems being tested that can restore sight to those who don’t have it by relaying visual information from cameras right to the visual cortex.

Learn more about how glasses bend the light to correct your vision below. The newest technology going into vision correction is changing the glasses game.

How Eyeglasses Work And The Tech That Helps

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