How Much Average Cell Phone Bills Are Around the World

Do you ever feel like you are paying too much for your cell phone bill? Depending on where in the world you live, you might be!

Now you can compare the cost of your cell phone’s mobile data to that of every other country in the world with this map graphic created by answering service company VoiceNation.

To create this map and corresponding list of countries, the team at VoiceNation used mobile data pricing collected by to find the cost of one gigabyte of mobile data in every country. They were able to determine the true cost of a gigabyte of mobile data by analyzing more than six thousand mobile data plans in 230 countries.

Although not every country in the world is included in the analysis as some do not have the updated infrastructure necessary for mobile data and are limited to just calls and/or texts, some countries did not have data available, while other countries simply haven’t provided the infrastructure and technology that is needed to allow for cell phone use.

Now, you may be wondering why the graphic compares the cost of one gigabyte of mobile data instead of comparing the average cost of a phone bill in each country?

There are several additional charges that would also need to be considered to determine how much a cell phone bill costs in each country, such as the additional costs associated with voice and text or monthly device fees.

With cell phone bills so customizable now, comparing the costs on a per gigabyte basis is the most direct way to measure the cost difference in cell phone bills around the world.

You may be surprised to see just how widely the cost of one gigabyte of mobile data varies from one country to the next!

Average phone bills per country

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