How Much the Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Make Every Second

In modern health care, pharmaceutical companies play a pivotal role today. They’re responsible for the development, product and the distribution of medications for people to treat their diseases and any other health conditions that they may have. In 2021 alone, the pharmaceutical market around the world earned in excess of $1.4 trillion, which was a jump of 13% from the previous year in 2020.

Because of all of this, pharmaceutical companies are making quite a bit of money, even down to the second. From the team at Insurist comes this new infographic which analyzes how much the biggest pharmaceutical companies make every second. According to the research conducted by their team, it was found that the world leader for pharmaceutical companies, in terms of revenue by the second, was Pfizer, which saw $2,578 USD in revenue every single second in 2021 alone. The U.S.-based pharmaceutical company is one of five pharmaceutical companies from the United States which ranked in the top ten in this regard.

Other high-earning pharmaceutical companies, based on this infographic, were China’s Sinopharm (which made $1,917 USD in revenue every second), as well as U.S. companies AbbVie ($1,782 USD in revenue every second) and Janssen ($1,651 USD in revenue every second). While Johnson & Johnson didn’t rank at the very top of this list, it’s still the biggest pharmaceutical company in the entire world, having brought in an estimated $94 billion in revenue in 2021. This even surpassed Pfizer’s overall revenue, which was $81 billion.

According to this research and infographic from the team at Insurist, it was also found that other high-earning pharmaceutical companies by the second include Novartis ($1,637 in revenue per second), Roche ($1,562 in revenue per second), Merck & Co. ($1,544 in revenue per second), GlaxoSmithKline ($1,488 in revenue per second), and Bristol Myers Squibb ($1,471 in revenue per second).

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