How Often Do Americans Poop?

How often do you poop? That’s the question Americans from all fifty states were asked in a recent nationwide survey from porta potty rental company, All American Waste Services, Inc., to determine which of the U.S. states poops the most. The average number of times Americans across the country poop ranges from 1.131 to 2.182 times each day. Which state earned the top spot for having the highest average number of poops per day by its residents? Michigan takes the number one spot on the list with the people there taking an average of 2.182 poops per day. What’s ironic is that on a map of the United States, the curve of the great lakes surrounding Michigan on three sides looks similar to a toilet seat. Coincidence? I think not. Michigan just barely slid past Idaho’s average number of poops, putting the Gem State in second place. Idaho’s average trailed Michigan’s by only five thousandths of a poop with its residents going number two an average of 2.177 times per day. Located just southwest of Michigan, Missouri can be found on the opposite end of the list with the lowest average number of poops per day. Missouri residents that responded to the survey only poop an average of 1.131 times each day, that’s nearly half as much as Michigan residents go each day. Seems like the residents of Missouri need to increase their fiber intake! Now, you may be wondering what a healthy rate of pooping is and you’ll be happy to know that there is no set rate that is considered healthy. According to health professionals, people poop anywhere from three times a day to once every three days. How does your number of poops per day compare to that of the average for residents from your home state?

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