How Quickly Companies Earn Enough Revenue to Pay Their Entire Staff for the Whole Year

Walmart earned the highest revenue in 2022, not only in the U.S. but in the entire world. The retail giant’s revenue came out to over half a trillion dollars at $611.3 billion. With so many hundreds of billions of dollars earned you can’t help but wonder how much of that is going back to the many employees that work for Walmart. Thanks to this chart created by LLC Attorney, we can see how much the average employee at the biggest companies in America gets paid, and how long it takes each company to earn that amount in revenue. As for Walmart, the average annual salary of $28,350 for a single employee is earned in just 1.46 seconds.

The chart is broken down into two parts, the first is entitled “How Long It Takes the Largest Companies in America to Make One Employee’s Average Annual Salary” which ranks the fifty biggest U.S. companies by the number of seconds it takes to earn the average annual salary of one employee. The length of time for all fifty companies is less than one minute, ranging from Walmart’s 1.46 seconds to the 25.97 seconds it takes Meta (aka Facebook) to earn one employee’s salary. The second portion of the chart takes it one step further, entitled “How Long it Takes the Largest Companies in America to Make All of Their Employees’ Annual Salaries”. How did Walmart fare in the second section? It took the retail giant 35.55 days to earn the total sum of their 2.1 million employees’ salaries, ranking them at 42 out of 50. Petroleum company, Valero, earned the number one spot as it only took them 1.11 days to earn the salaries of all of their 9,743 employees in 2022. How quickly can your employer earn enough revenue to cover your salary for the year?  

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