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How to choose a microphone that perfectly suits you

How do I choose a good microphone? Tired of looking at the specs in microphones’ descriptions and understanding nothing? Don’t worry! We all have been there. This small clear guide will help you to get grip on how to choose the right microphone and not spend money in the vain.

Each individual voice can sound different depending on the mic you choose. The problem is often how to make the right choice. You can be a professional singer, a reporter, an interviewer, a karaoke lover, a podcast maker, and many more. Obviously, each of these roles may require a particular kind of gear.

Below, you’ll find a number of guidelines that will help you choose the right microphone.

There are two main initial steps that you need to take before exploring the variety of microphone models.

Firstly, find out what kind of conversion technology you need. There are two main types: dynamic and condenser.

Secondly, consider different polar patterns that are out there and decide which one can suit your purpose better: omnidirectional, cardioid, super-cardioid, or maybe hyper-cardioid? Through understanding these basic theoretical principles you acquire the superpower of how to ignore the models that don’t suit you.


How to choose the microphone that perfectly suits you

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