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How to get a Florida Drivers License (Infographic)

How to get a florida drivers license? Obtaining a Florida Driver License starts by taking a learner’s license, which involves taking a driver’s knowledge test before proving that you are at least 16. During this stage, you’ll prove your identity, take an eyesight exam that you must pass, and pay the required fees.

The next step in obtaining a Florida driver license is taking an Intermediate License, which is for those who are 16-17 years old. Other eligibility requirements include having a learner’s license for at least a year, having 50 hours of driving time, passing the eyesight, driving tests, and proof of identity and fee payment.

After this, you need to apply for a Class E Driver’s License. Requirements include having an Intermediate license for at least a year, proof of identity, and fee payment. You can then apply for a full license after having your Class E license for at least a year. You must also pass an eyesight test and prove your identity before paying the fees.


The Process for Obtaining a Florida Driver License

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