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How to Get Rid of Black Mold?

How to get rid of black mold? To get rid of the mold it’s important to find the source of moisture or water and to fix it. Drywalls, wallpapers, and carpets should be replaced, while other wet materials should be cleaned thoroughly with mold remover, made particularly for the infested material or surface.

Several species of mold, with black or dark green appearance, belong to the group known as the black mold. Warm, moist and dirty environments are ideal for them to grow. The most common places in homes are kitchens, particularly below the sink, bathroom tiles, shower curtains, window moldings, and air conditioning installation. However, they can also grow on paper, wood, and textile.

Some types of black mold release mycotoxins and the high concentration of this toxin can harm and cause a serious case of poisoning. The most common symptoms of mold poisoning are coughing, itchy skin, eye redness (irritations), and rhinitis. People with serious health conditions can experience allergic reactions, fever, headaches and difficulty breathing.

What are some hidden hazards that could be in your house? Your family could be affected by these hidden household hazards too.

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How to get rid of black mold

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