How to Relieve Muscle Pain With Muscle Activation Techniques (Infographic)

This infographic explains how to relieve muscle pain with muscle activation technique. We have all done it before. You sit down at your computer for work or school and then eight hours later you come back to life. All of a sudden your back, neck or eyes are killing you. Muscle pain is a byproduct of our digital lives and it is important to recognize that it is not acceptable to continue our habits.

Muscle pain or musculoskeletal conditions are the number one cause of disabilities per year. The continued strain of our muscles is something we have almost learned to ignore. Whether it is fatigue, overuse, misuse or an accident, we abuse our muscular system daily.

64 million adults claim that muscle pain impacts their abilities to perform specific parts of their jobs daily. This staggering statistic coupled with the fact that over 50% of American adults have a musculoskeletal condition raises red flags for our generation. However, we have been conditioned to literally and figuratively “muscle through” any pain we feel.

This poses significant concerns to the medicinal community. Minor muscle issues now typically lead to major muscular conditions later on in life. Practitioners urge their patients to report any signs of muscular deficiency, specifically limited range of motion, so that they can help patients manage symptoms now rather than conditions later.

Relieve Muscle Pain With Muscle Activation Techniques

There are three major ways in which we all can improve our relationship with our muscles: physical therapy, massages, and Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®). Physical therapy in some cases is more beneficial for an individual with muscle issues then surgery. Massages can help improve your blood vessel count which can improve pain relief. MAT® allows the body to improve itself using targeting techniques to reactivate dysfunctional muscles back to their correct functions.

If you are experiencing even slight muscle pain or strain, act now, your body will thank you later.

Relieve Muscle Pain With Muscle Activation Techniques™

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