How We Eat: Analyzing ½ a Million Meals

The CDC says that today more than ⅓ of people are obese1. United Health predicts that 52% of Americans will be either diabetic or prediabetic by 20202. The interventions used to combat this crisis aren’t working. Meaningful large-scale data about how people eat in the real world is hard to come by: a ten thousand person study is often prohibitively expensive to run and the data is often collected using faulty after-the-fact questionnaires. Yet, it is that very data that we need to enable us to combat the crisis.

Today, we are happy to release the results of analyzing real-world eating of hundreds of thousands of people. And, to please your pixels, we’ve done it in infographic form. The data gives a never-before seen look into how people really eat.

The data was obtained from over 7.68 million food ratings of half-a-million foods by Eatery users from over 50 countries over a span of 5 months. As far as we know, this kind of data has never been available at this scale before. Did you know that San Francisco eats 4 times the amount of brussels sprouts as the rest of the US? Or that picking any specific diet (it doesn’t matter which) will, on average, improve your eating by roughly 20%? Or that poor eating is transmitted like a virus, with a transmission rate of 34.5% among friends?

We’ve been able to glean insight into how people think they eat, how they actually eat, where people eat, what they eat, when they eat, and with whom they eat. Each infographic tells a story regarding the effects of the who, what, when, where, and how on healthy eating. Click below to read them!

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  1. Very informative graphic. “Eat Breakfast and Crave Less All Day”. I think I would agree with that. Many don’t eat in the mornings, they wait till later and and then grab the donuts and pasties, etc.

  2. This was very informative. I loved the graphic that lit up the continents.

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