How Well Do You Really Know Your Mum?

Our Mothers are amongst the most precious people on the planet to us so you need to consider the best gift for her this Mother’s Day.
In the UK, Mother’s Day falls on the 19th March which is, as normal, a Sunday so it means that you can really pamper your mum with breakfast in bed, helping with the daily chores she normally has to do and cooking lunch and dinner! Check this post on how Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world.
But, it’s not just about helping out with the everyday tasks, its making sure she is spoilt beyond her wildest dreams as she does everything for you, so get thinking about some great ideas for mother’s day gifts to make sure your mum gets what she really deserves!
Instead of cheap flowers from the garage, have a think about how well you really know your mum as 23% of mums just want quality time Whether that’s with their family or a bit of peace and quiet on her own, consider what’s the best gift for her.
Think about other things that you want to know about your mum as 45% of people surveyed didn’t actually know what their mums favourite flower was! Ask her while you can and then make sure you buy her some of those flowers!
Make sure you’re in the 90% of people that feel they know their mums life story and not the 70% who want to know more! Important elements to your mums history such as what her childhood hobbies were, her dream was and who her past partners were are part of her make up and make her the mum she is today so it’s important to find out these parts of her history.
So don’t waste any time on really getting to know your mum and get some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that will really mean something to her.

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