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Infographic: History Of The Man Cave

This visualization portrays a brief history of Man Caves, ranging from the early 1900’s right up to the present day. Man Caves, also known as ‘manly retreats’, ‘mantuary’ or ‘manspace’, provide a space for men to kick back and relax, away from the annoyances of everyday life. They can be decorated entirely by men without fear of upsetting their partners, and are often used to show off sports memorabilia. Man Caves are also a great place to have a ‘boys night’, perhaps to play a game of poker or watch a big sports event, without worrying about creating mess in the house. They are becoming a necessity to every man’s life, and have been widely dubbed as ‘the last bastion of masculinity’.

Brought to you by epicmancave.net.

Infographic: History Of The Man Cave

Brought to you by epicmancave.net

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