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13 Personality Types – Who’s In Your Office? (Infographic)

In today’s modern office space, there are a multitude of different personalities that interact on a daily basis. People are told to effectively bond together in order to create a shared vision that in turn leads to a successful business.

More times than not, this expected unity is difficult to achieve. At one time or another throughout your own career, we guarantee that you have come across at least one of the following common office personalities.

From the “Passive Aggressor” that tends to leave anonymous complaints around the office to the “Email Overloader” that will flood your inbox with irrelevant information. Take a second to read through the full list of these typical personalities. Try to identify those people in your own office!

But, don’t forget to include yourself as you may likely be one of these characters annoying your own co-workers!

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13 Personality Types – Who’s In Your Office? (Infographic)

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  1. I love this! I can’t really say which one I am but I’m definitely NOT a backstabber! I guess we all are guilty to some degree of having “some” traits from all the extreme personality types listed in this amusing infographic.

  2. This is too funny. I am not quite sure which one I am but I know all of these are hiding in my office somewhere!

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