50 Insane Driving Laws From Around The World (Infographic)

We have collected the 50 most insane driving laws from around the world. Whether you follow the Highway Code or le code de la route, there will be a comprehensive set of laws to follow. They are designed to protect both drivers and pedestrians from the dangers of the road.

However, some driving laws are truly baffling. International authorities have regulated everything from parking elephants to driving with a duck on your head.

We at Barrington Freight decided to investigate these wacky laws. Here are some of the weird and wonderful driving regulations from around the world.

For example, in the UK a law still states that all Hackney carriages must carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats with them at all times. While in Luxembourg all cars must have windshield wipers. Even if they don’t have a windshield!

50 Insane Driving Laws From Around The World (Infographic)

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