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Infographic about How to Avoid Counterfeit Xanax Bars

Xanax is a highly addictive and potent drug in the benzodiazepines class. Also called Alprazolam, doctors prescribe this medication to treat phobias, panic disorders, and anxiety. However, this drug comes in different strengths, colors, and shapes. Additionally, the street has counterfeit Xanax bars, which may contain substances like Fentanyl.
Street Xanax pills can kill a patient due to their potentially high levels of such chemicals. For this reason, patients should avoid street Xanax bars. The Addiction Resource realized that most people don’t know how to spot counterfeit Xanax bars and developed this infographic. This informative infographic aims to create awareness about fake and genuine Xanax bars.

Buying Xanax bars from licensed pharmacies and taking them according to physician’s prescription is the best way to avoid counterfeit Xanax bars. When a person purchases street Alprazolam, they risk taking fake medication. And this can lead to severe side effects and even death.

This infographic conveys information that advises people to avoid fake Xanax bars because they can lead to overdose and potential death. Patients and their loved ones should never trust street Xanax bars to avoid their dangers. What’s more, this infographic advises people with Xanax dependency to seek medication immediately to prevent further risks.


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