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Infographic: Animal Abuse and the Underground World of Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a serious crime that thrives in a secretive, criminal underworld. It evolved as a bloodsport, which is any sport that involves animals being hurt or killed to fuel excitement in people who are taking part or watching. You may recall historical accounts of bloodsports in Ancient Rome. These events involved humans baiting or fighting vicious animals until one of them was dead.

The most well-known depictions of this are the man vs. lion fights that took place in the Roman Colosseum. In the 1800s fights between animals and humans were banned, so people chose to have the animals fight each other instead. Dog fights were the cheapest to organize so they rose in popularity around Britain and soon made its way to the U.S.

Dog fighting is now a federal offense in all 50 states, and punishable by up to 3 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Many animal rights organizations have been formed in an attempt to raise awareness of this heinous crime, and also help rehabilitate dogs that have been rescued from dog fighting operations. Media coverage surrounding dog fighting has brought the issue to national attention, but sadly this horrible act still occurs all over the country. If you suspect animal abuse may be occuring, please report the abuse immediately!

The infographic below contains facts and statistics about the heartbreaking crime of dog fighting. Please share this to help us raise awareness and stop this from happening!

Ashley Welter is a writer for Instant Checkmate, an online service designed to help keep individuals safe from possible criminals.

vInfographic: Animal Abuse and the Underground World of Dog Fighting


  1. Anyone who abuses animals will go on to hurt people; laws need to be harsher against animal abuse!

  2. Animal abuse makes me sick to my stomach. This is so disturbing. I can’t believe there are so many spectators. I’m glad that it’s punishable in all states now!

  3. this is so sad. do people even have souls??

  4. I hate animal abuse in any way shape or form. Abusing an animal is a very good indication of how someone will treat other humans.

  5. I am sickened by the thought of such cruelty. I pray the relevant authorities will eradicate this cruel sport and the problems it brings.

    A superbly-detailed visual of the facts and statistics about the heartbreaking crime of dog fighting.

  6. I will never forget what Vick did and he makes me sick when he walks on the field. It is disgusting and the man should have been forever banned from football . He made hiself and the sport look bad,

  7. Animal cruelty is horrendous and my stomach turns ever time I hear about it. Thank you for this infographic. I’m going to share this one for sure!

  8. I am an advocate for animals and better treatment for all. I abhor dog fighting and BSL. Both are horrendous practices and should be outlawed entirely!!! Thank you for this infographic. I will be sharing it across the web.

  9. It makes me cringe when I hear about people abusing animals! It’s even worse when that person is a celebrity! And it’s horrible that most of the people who abuse animals, if they get caught, get very little punishment! The laws need to be changed!

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