Infographic: Cats in Social Media

In Honor of National Cat Day 2012, Boot Camp Digital is proud to present our latest infographic about Cats in Social Media. Did you know that the history of LOLcats dates back as far as the 1870s? Or that some of the cat videos on YouTube have more views than Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift? We’ve scoured the web and collected data in order to share with you all the interesting history and information about social media’s famous feline. Enjoy this infographic and have an awesome National Cat Day!

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Infographic: Cats in Social Media

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  1. Haha! I have a cat video on my screen right now! Gotta love cats! Pinned –

  2. It is really amazing how much cats influence our culture today. It really doesn’t surprise me that these youtube videos are doing so well. Very interesting to see the actual statistics. Great Infographic Thanks!

  3. Having four cats, I love cat memes, cat jokes, etc. I can proudly say that I’ve been around for all these epic internet cat moments. *tear* lol

  4. Aww, I missed National Cat Day! When was it, anyway? The article isn’t dated.

  5. I love this

  6. I love the info on cats and social media on this 😀

  7. I do cat rescue so am always talking about cats and have no doubt they are the most posted about creature- even ahead of children!

  8. I love this! Cats are my favorite thing to put on Facebook! It is so cool that it started way back in the late 1800s.

  9. I’m going to go watch the Eharmony video now; I never knew it existed.

  10. I love this Infographic-it’s interesting and funny. I’m a ‘Crazy Cat Girl’, so this is great, I’ve seen the E-Harmony youtube video befor and its hilarious-I was surprised to see it here! Thanks for such an awesome one!

  11. You Tube is and excellent place to show Cat Videos. Thank you. Jerri Davis

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