Infographic: Your Color Psychology Guide for Medical Scrubs

Today is a new day and what are you going to wear to work? Should you wear your blue scrubs, green scrubs or for our guys, two-toned solid color scrub top or a UA Best Buy print with “In Disguise Black” with a solid color pant?

Choices…..Choices……When you look your best, you feel your best and that is where Uniform Advantage’s color psychology guide can help. You may wake up refreshed and feeling to wear purple which is the color of royalty and wealth and representative of wisdom or you need an energy boost and what better color to energize your mind and body is the color, red! Do us a favor and become a silent observer this week to see how people react to what you are wearing solely based on color and you will be fascinated to see how it influences people. Have fun choosing your nursing uniform today!

Infographic: Your Color Psychology Guide for Medical Scrubs


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