Top 15 Infographic Design Agencies and Services

Hiring an infographic designer

Are you looking to hire an infographic designer? Don’t worry because we have you covered! We’ve created a list of the best infographic design agencies and services around the world.

Why hire an infographic design agency?

Infographics are one of the most useful tools for online marketing campaigns and brand awareness. They are shareable content that present information in a format that’s compact yet creative. Infographics are perfect for helping convey information quickly and engaging viewers (for example, via social media, blog articles, etc). They are very important to marketers because submitting niche infographics can really help drive traffic to your website and earn you hundreds of SEO friendly links.

We here at Infographics Archive consider infographics a valuable asset for any company. So, if you’d rather create our own than hire an infographic design service, we’ve compiled a list of the best infographic maker tools for you.

How do you make an infographic?

Creating infographics can be tedious because the creation process of infographic design is pretty intensive. It takes much time and dedication to conduct data-driven research to collect all relevant data that will be used.

Once the research is completed, and all the right data is collected you’ll need to visualize it in an effective graphical format. This can be tough for someone without a trained eye. This is where an infographic agency comes into play. Designers can help you create this data visualization and create an effective infographic that’s easy to read.

5 steps for hiring infographic design services online

#1: Choose the infographic or interactive infographic subject you’re interested in
#2: Do research to collect data – this is time-consuming
#3: Hire an infographic design company – See our list below to choose one of the top Infographic Design Agencies. They will create the perfect infographic design template for your data.
Step #4: Allow the expert infographic designer time to turn your data visualization into a unique and great design.
Step #5: Publish your infographic. – You can write a blog, share your infographic on social media, hire an infographic design agency to promote it for you, or simply submit it to our infographics archive. Note that knowing your target audience is an absolute must for the success of your infographic, check out this infographic on ‘How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Process‘.

Do you need to hire an infographic design agency for your business?

Are you experienced with creating high quality infographics? Let’s face it, graphic design isn’t for everyone. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably better off hiring an infographic design agency to help you create the perfect infographic. Check out our list below to choose the best design services for your needs.

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#1 Lemonly | Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Lemonly is a visual marketing firm that helps create understanding through visuals. We specialize in infographics, interactive graphics, and UX/UI design. We’re always sweet, not sour.

Lemonly Infographic Design Agency

#2 DiscoverTec | Jacksonville, FL, United States

DiscoverTec is a Jacksonville, Florida based Infographic design and web services company that offers Infographic and website design, SEO services and internet marketing.

Discovertec website screenshot

#3 Column Five Media | Newport Beach, CA, United States

We provide start to finish infographic design services, including data visualization and interactive graphics that are compatible with iPad/iPhone.

Column Five Media website screenshot

#4 DesignbySoap | Hereford, United Kingdom

We’re big fans of infographics at Designbysoap and we’re now proud to boast a dedicated infographic design team, working in combination with our researchers. We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of infographics.

Designbysoap Infographic Agency website screenshot

#5 Hot Butter Studio | South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

A creative design duo, give us some data and we’ll dip it in hot butter. We specialize in creative concept development, infographic design and data visualization.

Hot Butter Studio - Infographic Design Studio

#6 Infographic Design Team | Kolkata, India

Unique creative illustrations, multiple design concepts to choose from, initial concepts in 3-4 days. Web, mobile & print-friendly infographics. We have an in house team of 120+ experts, we welcome partnership proposals.

Infographic Design Team website screenshot

#7 NowSourcing, Inc | Louisville, KY, United States

Infographics have taken the digital world by storm. The culmination of graphics, stats, charts, and a bit of humor gives the reader an incredible mnemonic device that will serve them for some time to come.

Nowsourcing Infographic Design Company

#8 PrezLab | Dubai, UAE

PrezLab is a digital firm that specializes in information design. We help businesses communicate through effective visual strategies and focus on infographics and presentations design services in various formats. We help consulting firms, government agencies, startups, educational institutes, and marketing departments communicate with high efficiency through top-class information design capabilities.

Prezlab Infographic Design Website screenshot

#9 NeoMam Studios | Manchester, United Kingdom

We’re an infographic design agency that believes in the power of visual information. With 300+ infographics to our name and an expert team of researchers, writers, designers, and outreachers – we provide an unparalleled infographic service that gets results. Catch us on Twitter and start the conversation.

Screenshot of the NeoMam Studios website

#10 Infographic World | Great Neck, NY, United States

Our specialty is creating visually stunning, memorable infographics that enable brands to effectively communicate their message. With over 20% of the Fortune 500 as clients, we’re the leading experts in visual communications.

Infographic World, another agency specialized in infographic design

#11 Data Design Studios | London, United Kingdom

We create impactful and engaging visualizations, easily digestible infographics, intuitive dashboards, and engaging animations. We are data storytellers.

DataDesign Studios

#12 Infobrandz | Bangalore, India

We are a creative Infographic Design Team loaded with handpicked professionals. Our working model is perfect fit for other Inbound & Digital Marketing agencies, We have more than 50 Digital Marketing Agency Clients & have the capacity to take a few more. We are an Elite team working for Elites, Contact us today.

InfoBrands Data Visualization

#13 Killer Visual Strategies | Seattle, WA, United States

Killer Visual Strategies, formerly Killer Infographics is a Seattle-based visual communication agency conceptualizing and creating infographics, interactive experiences, and motion graphics.

Killer Visual Strategies

#14 Ever Increasing Circles | London, United Kingdom

Ever Increasing Circles are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in London. We have a world-class graphic design team who create stunning infographic, infographic videos, 3D animation, After Effects videos, eye-catching social media videos, ads, logos and more.

Ever Increasing Circles Marketing Agency

#15 JESS3 | Washington Dc, United States

JESS3 is a creative interactive agency that specializes in visual storytelling. We challenge ourselves and our clients to push the limits of what creativity and engagement means.

Jess 3 website screenshot
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