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Infographic: Frugal and Famous

Some of the most popular television characters don’t always demonstrate the best qualities; they’re irresponsible with how they treat themselves, their finances, or their bodies. I found this infographic really interesting because it shows that dichotomy between some famously not frugal characters and the real-life actors who play them. I think there’s a correlation between success and frugality—in these actors’ cases, it’s funny that they’ve gained so much success portraying characters so different from themselves in that way.

Check out just how these actors (all of whose net worth is in the millions) contrast the characters they play. It turns out living beyond your means is a lifestyle probably best contained to the small screen.

Brought to you by Frugaldad.com.

Infographic: Frugal and Famous

Brought to you by Frugaldad.com

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