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Google Glass and Emerging Optical Technology

The future promises the continued blending of technology and the eye. Projects such as Google Glass, and other amazing emerging optical technologies on the very near horizon.

Imagine a world where the blind can see and where the functionality of a smartphone is compacted into wearable eyeglasses, or even contact lenses! These technologies are already on the horizon! It is likely that within the next 20 years, they may be part of everyday reality.

Google Augmented Reality Glasses

Google’s Project Glass is a retired research and development program to build an augmented reality head-mounted display. Tech experts report Apple and Facebook should be terrified and team up to compete against Google: combining Apple’s hardware process and Facebook’s huge social network.

Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

Contact lenses that include hundreds of LED lights that project images directly in front of the eye.

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Google Glass and Emerging Optical Technology

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