Infographic: Hacking the Mind: How & Why Social Engineering Works

Social engineering has become a highly prevalent method used by hackers in the past few years. Virus and malware design no longer needs to be as sophisticated as it once was, mainly because hackers have learned to manipulate victims into uploading malware themselves which eliminates the necessity to create malware that infiltrates on its own. If you’ve ever received an email stating that someone has a crush on you and a click of a link will reveal that person, you have experienced human hacking first-hand. If you were to actually click on that link, your computer would likely be immediately infected with spyware that could put your computer in a death grip and pull private data from your hard disk. We have designed this infographic for Veracode to raise public awareness of this serious, yet generally unnoticed crime that targets everyone who uses the internet. Hopefully by recognizing some of the commonly used tactics by hackers, the public will avoid situations that could compromise their privacy.


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