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Help Stop The Spread of Deadly Ebola (Infographic)

There is currently no known vaccine or cure for the ebola virus. Therefore we must work together to raise awareness in order to keep it contained. This outbreak of ebola (beginning in early March 2014) is the worst we have ever seen since it was introduced in the 1970’s.

The fatality rate ranges from 50-90% and includes symptoms such as high fever, flu-like symptoms, and bleeding internally and externally. Currently, doctors and volunteers are on site in Africa trying to keep it contained while treating the victims. Many of these isolation and treatment centers lack electricity and supplies such as gloves, medical tools, and masks.

WakaWaka is currently working on donating solar powered lights to these centers so the doctors can have access to electricity.

See how you can send donations and basic supplies to those who need it:

Help Stop The Spread of Deadly Ebola (Infographic)

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