History of British Rail Travel

Train travel has come a long way since the 1800’s when it first originated in Salamanca. This Hull Trains ‘History of British Rail Travel’ Infographic depicts exactly how much train travel has changed and where it’s at today.

This includes the initial development of the first electrified suburban railway in 1904. In 1948 when British rail was the biggest company in the world with 700,000 employees. And the development of the channel tunnel in 1994. Last but not least the privatisation of British Rail.

By 2012/2013 an impressive 1.6 billion passenger journeys were done. 36 billion miles were travelled. As well as this 5249 miles of track were electrified.

From all of this development railway helped us develop Greenwich meantime, live in more rural areas across the UK, get access to fresh milk and a receive a better quality of service from the post office.

History of British Rail Travel Timeline (Infographic)

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