Infographic: How Different Species Use Their Eyes

How different animals see the world through their eyes – including horses, flies, snakes, bats and humans. Interesting facts about different eyes and what animals use their eyes for other than vision.

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Infographic: How Different Species Use Their Eyes


  1. This is really interesting – I just got my kids some Animal Eye viewers (toys that they look through that mimic how that particular animal sees the world), this information will go great with those stocking stuffers!

  2. I wasn’t aware about the horses’ vision; very useful infographic!

  3. Nice infographic!

  4. I have 7 Pomeranians and they’ll stare at something I don’t see. I always wonder what it is.

  5. The fastest muscle in my body. I did not know that until your infographic.

  6. Fan tasting, Great thanks for sharing.

  7. This is actually really informative and well presented as well! I love knowing how other species – apart from ourselves – see things (:

  8. Fascinating facts as always! Interesting to learn that flies don’t have pupils and horses see two images!

  9. I didn’t know hoerses couldnt merge the images and see ‘double’. Thats interesting and would explain their flight reactions.

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